482days.com Sponsors Shane Moore

Photo Credit: Paul Foster

482days.come are delighted to announce that we will be providing personal sponsorship for Shane Moore during the 2015/16 season.

Shane joined the Stars in the summer as a marquee signing after playing over 500 games for Swindon Wildcats in the EPL.  He has already made an impact on Oxford’s defence with his calm and composed play on the ice and will certainly use his experience to good effect to benefit the team this season.

Nancy Carpenter, editor of 482days.com said “We were looking to help out one of the Oxford players this season and when Simon Anderson mentioned that Shane might be looking for some assistance with equipment costs, it was a no-brainer.  Shane is one of those players that is so good on and off the puck and I am sure he will have a huge impact on the team this season. I am delighted that we are able to help Shane with some of the expensive hockey equipment costs like replacing broken sticks.”

Shane is also a hockey writer himself with a column looking at Swindon Wildcats and the EPL in FLIC – the digital news website for Swindon and Wiltshire, and he may also contribute the odd article to 482days.com.  He had this to say about the sponsorship “I’m delighted to have the support of 482days for this season, hockey is an expensive sport and to have the financial burden eased is greatly appreciated. It’s fantastic to have the support of a well read publication, and I’m extremely grateful for the support this season”.


October 26th, 2015 by