482days – making some changes

The 2018-19 season is fast approaching and here at 482days HQ we’re coming out of hibernation  and starting to think ahead to the excitement of the NIHL leagues kicking off in September.

No automatic alt text available.We will be making a few changes to how we do things around here – not least because (as previously reported by Carrsy) this little fuzzbucket is about to become part of the Carpenter household – and she is going to take up a bit of my time (and adoration!).

Some of the changes are also coming about because I’d like to start doing a bit more ‘up North’ this season. We covered a couple of games last season and started to include the Northern divisions in the #piamg counts and final scores.  But there is some fantastic and fascinating hockey going on up there, so we’re going to expand our #gamedaylive coverage somewhat. Michael Black of Pro Hockey News already does a fantastic job with NIHL North weekend previews and reviews – so we won’t be stepping on his toes there, but we will start including more updates from the NIHL North games.  So 482days will be going a bit more National in keeping with the #oneNIHL ethos.

Having said that… when we are at a live game, it’s already tough enough to keep up with the just the other games in the South while still watching and tweeting about what’s going on at the ice pad in front of us. So for days when we are attending a game in person, we’ll select around 8 to 10 ‘key games’ from around the leagues on which we’ll be doing regular updates alongside our live twitter commentary of the game we’re watching. On days when we’re reporting from home (and looking after the little fuzzbucket), we’ll have updates from every game we can get info on across all four leagues. Whether it’s a live+key games day or a all-game updates day, we’ll still have our usual round up of all the action at the end of the evening.

As a result of 482days ‘going National’ we will also make an effort to start attending some more NIHL North games in person as well as doing a rundown of every game across NIHL in our ‘morning all’ twitter at the start of each weekend day.  So the Northern rinks will start seeing a bit of the old yellow laptop around their way occasionally.

The increasingly popular #piamg competition will also continue of course – and we’re not planning to change the format of that one for now.  Last season already saw that expand into NIHL North in order to give us a bigger spread of plausible picks – we may look to expand further of course if we need to but for now it seems to be working well as it stands.

I know I for one am really looking forward to the new season. With things a bit more settled this summer, I think the league is in great shape to provide us all with a lot of entertainment and excitement over the next 9 months.

Viva #oneNIHL!

August 7th, 2018 by