April Fool! – 482Days to become subscription only

EDIT: April Fool!

482Days.com today confirmed that following the brilliant success of the website and twitter this season, that the Website and Twitter would be switching to a subscription only model ahead of the NIHL1 Playoffs starting tomorrow.

At 12pm today, the Twitter account will be set to Private, meaning that only existing followers will be able to see the tweets that we do, including live coverage of all three rounds of the NIHL1 Playoffs plus NIHL2 Playoffs Final Series. Existing followers will be given a day to pay their £4.82 for annual subscription (just 40p a month or 1.3p a day!), however if they haven’t paid by midnight on Saturday 2nd April, they will be blocked on twitter.

With the success of 482Days, it’s clear that we want to take this to the next level, and monetising the site seemed the best options, after all, it’s what all the other hockey blogs are trying to do at the moment. Really, with the award winning poetry, #predictionisamugsgame, the best live twitter in town and #gamedaylive, is £4.82 a year too much to ask? And frankly, as Ladbrokes wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole after having a go at a member of it’s staff last year who insulted the Invicta Mustangs, we’re kinda desperate.

Speaking from 482 Days base in West Oxfordshire, 482Days supremo Nancy Carpenter commented “I’ve been everywhere this season from old Cardiff to new Cardiff. Well, if we’re honest, everywhere but Peterborough because there’s no way in hell I’m driving there again. A40, A43, A45, A603, nothing but god awful A Roads the entire way. Anyway, it’s been fun 482Days, but it’s about time that our followers started paying their way. So get on it.”

Followers can subscribe to the all-new, all-exactly-the-same-except-your-paying-for-it-now, ad-free 482days by clicking on this link: http://482days.com/shop. Make sure you include your twitter username!

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