482 Days was formed in 1989 by long time Oxford City Stars supporters Colin Kirby and Nigel Laverick it was advertised as “Not the first British Ice Hockey Club Fanzine”. For more information about the finding of this, check out Colin’s website @ http://www.colinkirby.com/uncategorized/a-timely-blast-from-my-oxford-past.htm

482 Days, was a period of hockey when the Stars simply couldn’t win at the home in the league. Cups? No problem. Friendlies? Easy as that. Away from home? Anytime. But for the best part of two seasons, Stars simply couldn’t get the job done at home. Until of course, we took on the S*****n Wildcats at home. Easy.

When we went to form this new website, there was only one name that we wanted to use so huge thanks to Colin and Nigel for their permission in us bringing back this fantastic piece of Stars history. It’s not the same as the one before and it’s not designed to be, but we’d like to think of this the spiritual successor to the original.

We may have moved on a little from being an Oxford-focused fanzine, covering the NIHL South as a whole now rather than concentrating on one team, but we still hope we have kept to the spirit of tongue in cheek commentary of the fabulous world of minor league hockey.

May 31st, 2015 by Richard