Copyright / T&C’s

Our copyright principles are as follows:

  • Starting with the obvious: Material produced on 482 Days may not be reproduced in any form (physical or electronic) without the express permission of the copyright holder
  • All of the material on 482 Days, is the copyright of 482 Days unless:
    • It wasn’t our copyright to begin with, i.e most of the photography on the site in which case its with the permission of the copyright holder and credit is always given.
    • A guest contributor submits something to the website, in which case, it’s their copyright not ours (and this will be specifically stated on the article (that it was from a guest contributor))
  • / CC on an image means that it has a creative commons (or similar) license i.e a license that means that we’re free to republish the image for non-commercial purposes, so we’ve just used it as per the licensing agreements.
  • If you want to use our material, then please, link to the original article on the website as opposed to copying and pasting.
    • Of course, copying and pasting a small[1] chunk of it is absolutely fine, it’s whole articles that we’d sit here grumbling about.
  • If you want to reproduce articles in full then follow the following procedure:
    • Email with the following information
      • Your Name / Organisation
      • URL of article you wish to reproduce
      • Letting us know for what purpose it is
    • We’ll then let you know our decision.

[1] As per t’copyright laws: 10% of the article.

Thanks for reading the most boring page on the website.

June 15th, 2015 by Nancy Carpenter