So, what is 482 Days all about? This is actually the second version of this page that we’ve written as our little blog has come a long way since we were reformed in July 2015.

We could come up with a catchphrase, or we could just steal Oxfordshire Sports Online‘s “covering the uncovered”. That’s easier and does describe what we’re about here at 482 Days. We cover the National Ice Hockey League in the South with a particular focus on NIHL1. We cover Team GB as well. Our focus there is on the Men’s Under 20 and Senior Women sides.

These areas of hockey are truly great with some amazing stories and what we’re about is giving them a platform to cover them. Many, many websites cover Team GB Men and the EIHL/EPIHL, we’re about providing the same great coverage that these sites provide at this level.

The types of things you’ll see on 482 Days are:

  • In-depth articles on players and teams in the National Ice Hockey League
  • Stories from a different angle looking at the game from the view of people around it
  • Honest opinion on our game. We’re always proud to tell it as it is, but we also want to be positive about it at the same time.

482 Days is now, as it has always been, proudly independent. All opinions stated are those of the contributing authors. Sometimes, we’ll accept media accreditation when it can give us the best chance of providing coverage.

Our other main area is our twitter account, which has non-stop weekend coverage of the National Ice Hockey League as well as our famous #predictionisamugsgame competition. We think it’s the best place to see what’s going on in the league and for keeping up to date with scores. It’s also home to our live twitter from games. We’ve been to every rink in NIHL1 this season (as well as a few NIHL2) so we do get about.

May 31st, 2015 by Richard