482 Days is run by the following people who may or may not be seen down the rink on a far too regular basis:

Nancy Carpenter, Editor 

Nancy, despite being only 21, has a staggering 22 years of ice hockey experience under her belt. From being Treasurer of Oxford University Ice Hockey Club, Treasurer of Streatham Storm, Treasurer of Oxford Shooting Stars and errr Treasurer of the Oxford City Stars, if there’s treasure around she’s sure to be the person to find it.

When she’s not treasure hunting, she’s also been known to play the game, playing for Oxford Uni, then Streatham and the Shooting Stars (at least for a bit) and won several Varsity Matches against the other place and the treble with Streatham in their promotion winning season in 2004/05. She was also Team Manager of the Oxford City Stars between 2013-15: she won the double and washed the kit.

Outside of 482 Days she has a ‘proper job’ that involves playing with numbers in clinical trials for a big biotech company. This usually results in her spending a lot of time muttering that “correlation does not imply causation” and worrying that her p-value lacks significance.

Laurence Thorn, NIHL2 Correspondent

London native Laurence was introduced to the sport by the NHL 2001 and NHL 2002 video games when he was 10 years old. He attended several London Knights and London Racers games over the next few years, but it was when he discovered the Lee Valley Lions in 2010 that he really started to get more involved with the British game.  Moving back to the capital in 2013 after completing university – coupled with the Raiders moving from Romford to Lee Valley, and the reformation of the Haringey Racers – meant there was even more hockey to watch in the capital than ever before, leading him to get more and more deeply involved in the game.

By 2015 he had already reached self-professed “ice hockey nerd” status and, since Eddie Joseph tapped him on the shoulder at a Lions game in October of that year and asked him to run the game clock, has grown into a willing volunteer for the Lions too; adding DJing, live tweeting, report writing and even occasionally announcing to his duties. He is looking forward to the 2017-18 season in both NIHL1 and NIHL2, where he will continue to take in as many games as possible and is looking forward to seeing a mix of new faces and old favourites on the ice this season.
You can find him tweeting @LTIceHockeyNerd (follow at your peril: he tweets a lot!)

Don McDermott, NIHL2 Correspondent

Don has never been a stranger to ice hockey, as he originally hails from the United States and was always somewhat intrigued by the “coolest sport on earth!” But it was not until he moved to Toronto, Canada at the age of 15 that he became a true fan and simultaneously started his very short and somewhat embarrassing ice hockey “career.” Playing with Canadians lads who had been skating since before they could walk (no, it’s true!), Don was always going to stand out and he certain did, partially because he was 6’5” at the time and partially because after two seasons as a left wing, he only found the back of the net once, and that was on an empty net. However, it was a tough-angle shot.

In 2014, Don moved to England to study sports journalism at the University of East London, morbidly supposing that he would never see an ice hockey match again and would have to be content with watching a bat-and-ball game in which both teams wore white, played for seemingly weeks on end and stopped every hour for tea. But to his amazement, he discovered a thriving ice hockey system and, unfortunately not having time to continue playing the sport (in addition to lacking the talent), he began to report on London Raiders and Lee Valley Lions for local newspaper and then became ice hockey editor for the Rising East. While providing Twitter updates, he became aware of 482days and is thrilled to now be part of the team. Don regards himself as a fan of the sport and does not support any particular team, but he admits a fondness for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Slough Jets and Lee Valley Lions.
You can follow Don on Twitter at @McDermott_Sport

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May 31st, 2015 by Nancy Carpenter