Andrew Bates leaves Oxford

Photo Credit: Kimberley Marks

The news was broken this morning that Oxford’s new import Andrew Bates has flown back to the USA.  We’ve heard of imports simply not arriving; and of them leaving after the first game because they don’t like the team or think the league is below their standard… but this is a first for me.

482 Days understands that Bates arrived in the UK on Friday, attended a team BBQ on the Saturday and then instead of getting in the car that was picking him up to go to Sunday’s game instead got into a taxi and went back to Heathrow.


Update (10:25) Coach Simon Anderson had this to say:

“Obviously I am disappointed and shocked. We did not have any idea of him doing this, he seemed genuinely happy. However we only want guys who want to be here and pull on that Stars jersey. I am actively searching for a replacement and will take my time to get a guy who 100% wants to be here, it’s nothing less than the fans,sponsors,player and management deserve.”


Update (18:15) I spoke to Andrew himself this afternoon and he made the following statement:

“I was happy with Simon and the players. They are truly wonderful, especially Simon and they will have a great year but unfortunately it is without me. I would not have been able to maximize my potential or career in Oxford. I want to be playing and practising more than what Oxford could offer me unfortunately. The team now has only one practice a week and felt I would have been playing more of a hobby than a professional environment. I wish Simon and the Stars the best of luck this Season.”

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