Farewell to Carrsy – Part 2

Photo: Rick Webb

As I mentioned in Part 1 (which you can find HERE) – I asked some folks if they would like to contribute a few words or a story about Carrsy for an article I was doing… Turns out lots of people have lots of nice things they want to say about him!!  So I’ll stop writing now and let everyone else tell you about him!

To quote Joe Johnston “he hasn’t died and a lot of what has been said about him sound like obituaries but he’s been such a special person to a lot of us that it should be recognised.” (see below for the rest of what Joe has to say).

In no particular order…

Adam Wood (Streatham)
Carrsy…where to start?
So I took 3.5 years out of hockey while I was in university. I came back playing for my home team Cardiff in the 2013/14 season and things were going well. This lead me into the path of David Carr. Suddenly I had a pro hockey news columnist writing some pretty nice things about me. This continued until December when I left hockey AGAIN to go travelling. I returned at the end of August and the politics in Cardiff had really ramped up. I needed a change. I contacted Carrsy. We didn’t really know each other but he put me in touch with Warren Rost and put in a few good words as well. So Dave was certainly an integral piece to my arrival in Streatham.
Carrsy7 (icecoldphoto)However I didn’t know when I arrived how close I would become with a guy who is 11 years older than me. I love the guy! He knows the perfect times to be as childish as any of us. He has the best stories, they are always intriguing and hilarious – this may be aided by his accent.
We all love how northern he is, last summer, myself, Carrsy and Joe Johnston all went out down to Fulham on a boat from Westminster to watch Fulham v Crystal Palace. Granted it was a nice day but Dave managed to have the brightest, reddest t-shirt tan/burn ever. Which has stayed for almost a year.
I sat next to Dave this year in the changing room, thinking about it – I feel really privileged to have done so in his final season. We have had a tough season and Carrsy has been an absolute rock. Always there, always playing his part. I’m so glad that the countless hours he puts in for his club and for the league don’t go unnoticed.
There really is too much to say about him, but I think everyone’s words and recognition around the league following his retirement is a huge accolade.
A few weeks back I tweeted something with the words ‘one of my new found heroes’ about Dave. That was not to get ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ that was the truth. Dave Carr is an incredible team mate and friend and I’m just glad I get to call him those things….amongst others. All the best Carrsy.
PS you should all see him in training. He snipes for fun. So casual!

Lauren Newman (Streatham supporter)
David Carr is one of the loveliest people I have met whilst supporting Streatham, and that is saying something, as everyone is so friendly at the team. He went out of his way to make the fans happy and give them a wholesome experience, something my little cousins experienced after having won the signed stick competition at one of their first games. This has also been noticed on social media as he interacts with the fans on twitter as if they were his own friends. He has made the seasons of hockey that I have watched along with my family that little bit more special and is truly a favourite of our family.

Euan King (Chelmsford player)
Carrsy has done a great job not only with the marketing of Streatham but the league in general, his PHN weekly round up is fantastic and covers the fun and serious side of the game. I also think he has to take a ton of credit for where Streatham are now in terms of social media, fan base and marketing, I only wish other teams followed suit. I wish him all the best in retirement and I hope to continue to read the PHN on a Sunday night.

Carrsy10 (Pete Magnussen)Darren Elliott (Oxford)
So many memories but the best has to be from when my old man used to let him bring his two sausage dogs into the rink whilst we were training……only Carrsy would get away with that. A true character and was love and liked by everyone – many a memory of him and my dad messing around together and having great banter.

Joe Johnston (Streatham Captain)
I’ve had a long career and played with so many different players and Carrsy is one of my all-time favourite team-mates.  He’s a guy that you want to be around and brings so much to the team dynamic. He’s level headed and knows how to react in difficult situations and is fantastic in the dressing room.
To me he’s a great example to young players in how to be professional. His ice time has been limited in recent months and he never sulked or moaned once. His commitment levels never ceased and he continued to encourage and motivate the team as best he could.
Carrsy’s retirement marks hockey’s loss of one of its true good guys. He doesn’t take compliments well and never has but I hope he reads some of the tributes and realises what an impression he has made on so many people, especially his teammates.
He’s right, he hasn’t died and a lot of what has been said about him sound like obituaries but he’s been such a special person to a lot of us that it should be recognised. It has been an honour and a privilege to play alongside him and I will miss him immensely. To Streatham’s benefit Carrsy will still be around our team so we haven’t quite got rid of him just yet.
To close an emotional week may I start everyone off in a verse of his signature song (to the tune of the hymn Kumbaya): “Dave Dave Carr my lord, Dave Dave Carr…”

Jules and Brian Cliff (Streatham supporters and sponsors)
You know how much something means when a single goal at a Carrsy-MOTMgame against local rivals elicits the kind of response from the fans and players to the way ‘that’ goal did last year against Invicta. What a joyous moment. Elated Streatham fans cheering and Carrsy immediately surrounded by the team, all beaming, all thrilled. And simply because it was Carrsy, someone who personifies all that is brilliant about ice hockey in the NIHL. As Carrsy signs off from his playing career we genuinely hope that, as well as spending lots of quality time with his family, he remains passionate about hockey always. We are hoping for some more of those hilarious match night tweets he has become famous for and hope to see plenty of him both around the rink and in the pub next season at Streatham!

Danny Hughes (Bracknell)
I have never had the privilege to play on the same team as him but we have spoken a lot off the ice regarding teams, changes over the years and the odd pro hockey news article he does which is fantastic! I hope he carries on doing this!
Dave has always been a well-known and well liked player and person. Never in my life have I heard a player or fan have a bad word to say about him! Top guy to be involved in English ice hockey!
All the best in retirement Carrsy ! Best of luck to you and your family! Hughesy #37

Andy Cox (Oxford)
Pikey poo and ginsters….just about sums Carrsy up! Great bloke, loves hockey and we loved having him play at Oxford.

Rick Webb (Streatham Photographer)
Carrsy1 (Rick Webb)Dave’s work off-ice has been tireless, coaching some of the  youth teams between his writings, family life, travelling the globe extensively as  he does (I call him air miles Dave!) as well as on-ice training midweek  and often 2 games at weekends… Somewhere between all that  having to go to work for a living! I have no idea how he finds the time.
Dave has been a huge asset  to the Streatham  club, but also to ice hockey itself: promoting  the sport  almost single handedly and keeping the hockey community amused and informed. If he`d chosen football he may well have made some decent money as a  sports  journalist!
Dave may have hung up  his skates  for competitive ice hockey  games but will continue  to train ( & hopefully coach the  youth  teams  ) and hopefully won’t be  hanging up his writing pen  just yet.
Keep up the  good  work  big fella.

Joe Oliver (Oxford)
The man, the myth, the legend Carrsy aka Mr Ginsters! Best memories…well I actually thought he was sponsored by Ginsters when I first came into the Stars team as a junior. Also our little tournament/boozy lads getaway in France…great memories, great times, amazing guy!

Graham and Dawn D’Anger (Streatham Manager and Supporters Club Chair)
I’m so glad that Graham and I managed to persuade Carrsy to join us at streatham. It took a couple of yrs… But would like to thank him for all his hard work on and off the ice A great ambassador for the sport and wish him all the best in his retirement. Dawn and Graham x

Sean Scarborough (Streatham 2013-15)
I once had the privilege of getting my kit nicked out of Dave’s boot. When he called me, he said he just experienced the shock of his life and that my gear disappeared out of his car, like some Houdini trick. Dave doesn’t enjoy magic unless it involves multiplying sponges, so I knew this had to of really shook him. I never even had an opportunity to give him even a look of Carrsy11disapproval because within seconds we were cracking jokes and laughing about the whole scenario, even though I knew he was feeling a little bad. The top guy that he is though, took time off work (at a company he got me a job at!) to go to Lee Valley (with all the honest people), and find my bag.
He’ll probably blush reading all these stories, but as someone who got to see Carrsy as often as I did, it pains me not being able to meet him after work for drinks and encounter the randomness of the big smoke on a regular basis. I could tell stories about Dave for the rest of my life and we’ve only known each other for a couple years. More to the point though; no one cared more about the league than he did, the importance of a junior system at Streatham. You only need to look at his ice time and that should tell you everything you need to know about his dedication. We’re all so fortunate to have been spoiled by his presents to the league and all he did for it.

Jamie McIlroy (Streatham 2012-14)
Carrsy5 (Rick Webb)I had the pleasure of playing alongside Carrsy for two seasons. I can’t speak highly enough of him, as a player, coach and as a person. Regardless of the situation and whatever else he had going on in his own life he always had a smile on his face. He gives 100% in everything he does and the dedication he has shown to the sport is something to be admired. I literally do not know how he finds the hours to play, coach, write and be a family man.
One of the few individuals in the game that I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about, and fully understandable. The coverage he gives NIHL South, and British hockey as a whole, has raised the level of professionalism and made people sit up and pay attention. Everyone involved in the league owes him for the hours of selfless effort he puts in week in, week out. I’m honoured to have played alongside him and I wish him all the very best in all aspects of his life. Great team-mate and friend, who always seems to put everyone else before himself.

Carrsy6 (Rick Webb)Stephanie Reines (Streatham supporter)
Everyone knows about his passion, dedication, and tireless contributions to this sport and this league. But only my mom knows that he’s the guy who made sure I got home safely after drunken post-game pub nights. And mom knows best when she calls him a “Mensch.” (That’s Yiddish for a person of great integrity and character).
He’s the guy whose got your back when you need it. He’s the mentor, the inspirer, the helper, the subtly brilliant comedic writer. He’s the guy you always want in your corner. I have so much admiration and respect for him.

Ryan Giles (Streatham)
He’s one of the good guys. The game needs people like him and wouldn’t survive without it. The PHN media coverage has majorly raised awareness of the league. I think every single player, referee and fan reads Carrsy’s weekly update. It’s very professional while being informative and impartial, with a little bit of crap northern humour added in!
Carrsy-testimonialHe’s been a great servant to Streatham and he’s going to be a major loss. Although, I don’t think he’ll ever be far away (probably just the other side of the boards).
Personally, we’ve been travel buddies this year. I’ll genuinely miss our journeys in the black bullet (his VW Golf) listening to Magic FM and having a sing along. I can confirm he is actually quite a good singer and I’d compare his voice to a young Ronan Keating.
He’s a team guy who will do whatever is best for the team. There’s not enough of them about and it’s a shame to see him leaving the league.

Craig Newman (Streatham supporter)
Top man considering he is a mackem. Quality Twitter banter!

Grant Baxter (Invicta)
Always the first to say hello when you step on the ice and always congratulate you win: lose or draw (more wins for me!). A true gent of the game and he’s the only thing to look forward to on a Monday morning (to read that is).

Liam Chong (London)
I’ve never had the privilege to play with him and TBH I don’t know him too well. I played for 3 seasons in the EPL against his brother Adam and never even realised they were related! When I came back down to the NIHL, the times that I’ve played against him, he’s always been very respectful and seems to be respected by everyone around the whole league. My guess is because of his fantastic commitment to pro hockey news, even after long journeys away, he manages it. The times we’ve spoken, he’s always seemed like a genuine top bloke. And I will be a huge loss not having him around in the league next year.

Adam Carr (Brother)
Carrsy with AdamOne of my very first memories of hockey was in the old Cardiff rink, I was about 5/6 years old and Dave was playing in a tournament for Durham. Between games we were sat in the stands about 3 rows up from the ice, and for a reason I can’t remember now my big brother decided to kick me down the stairs and split my head open off the side of the boards! Maybe it was just an older brother thing to do or maybe he was trying to get me used to many cuts and injuries that were coming in my career.
Since then he has played a big part in my career, he has always been the one I have gone to for advice as I know his opinion is one I can trust. To find out what a player is like you just have to ask their team mates, and I know all them dont have a bad word to say about Dave. Not only is it his work on the ice but also off the ice with his coaching the kids and his write ups for the league which have given the league more coverage than it has ever had. It’s fair to say if there were more people who put as much effort into our sport as Dave does then the sport would be in a better shape.
Enjoy retirement Dave, although luckily I know you will be involved in hockey for a long time.
Your little brother.

Note that as well as using photos sent by some of the fantastic current league photographers, I also mercilessly raided Dave’s facebook photo archive (with his permission!). Where possible I have given credit but if I have used your photograph without credit and you would like credit added, just send me a message on twitter or facebook (to the 482days accounts) and I will add.

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