GB’s route to Gold

2015 IIHF Women’s World Championship Div. II Group A Team GB Photo by Colin Lawson

We know there’s people asking what GB need to do. So ahead of the crunch clash on Thursday, we’ve put together this (very) short piece. We’ll have full permutations on where the medals are going at the end of Thursday (or earlier depending on how the games go)

In short: GB need to beat Poland by two goals or more

In long: If GB beat Poland by two goals or more on Thursday then they are in a superb position to claim gold. A two or more goal win would a) give GB the tie-breaker on a head to head and b) secure any three way mini-group between Great Britain, Poland and Korea.

While a one goal win would give GB the head to head over Poland, it would probably create a mini group assuming that Korea beat Croatia and Slovenia. In that group, Poland win gold, GB could take silver if they score at least three.

Mathematics available on request. Tweet us (@482days) if you want them.

April 5th, 2016 by