Getting to know Boris

Photo Credit: Paul Foster

27 year old Slovakian defenceman Boris Ružička joined the Stars recently and made an immediate impression on the team with big goals, big hits and smart passes. New to the UK, he answered some questions for us to give everyone a chance to get to know a little more about him.

482 Days: Welcome to Oxford Boris, how are you finding the city so far?
Boris: Thank you. I haven’t see much of the city yet but so far so good.

482 Days: Tell us a little about your hockey career prior to coming to the UK last season. When did you start, what teams did you play for?
Boris: I started training when I was 4 years old in my home town Trenčín. I played for junior club DUKLA TRENČÍN till I was 20 years old.  I hosted as a player in a few Slovak and Czech teams. Then I played 3 seasons in Romania.

482 Days: You have played most of your hockey in your native Slovakia so far, what made you decide to come to the UK and Oxford this season.
Boris: I got this opportunity so I was happy to take it. I want to see different places and I want to learn fluent English.

482 Days: How are you fitting in with the team so far?
Boris: I think I am fitting well. Everybody in the team are friendly and helpful. We are still getting to know each other and I think we are getting on very well.

482 Days: You’ve already played a couple of games for the team.  How are you finding the standard of hockey in the league?  How does it compare to the hockey you were playing in Slovakia last season?
Boris:  I would compare it to Slovakian second league. But Slovak hockey is faster and players play more combinations on the ice.

482 Days: Last season, Oxford had the highest number of goals scored against them of any team in the league.  What can you add to the defence that will ensure that they concede less goals this season?
Boris: Less penalties, better defence. More we play together, more we get to know each other and improve.

482 Days: You’ve had a goal in your opening 2 games for the Stars – both huge slap shots from the point.  Is that a trademark move from you? 
Boris: 🙂 I would like to keep this standard. One goal a game at least.

482 Days: How would you describe yourself as a hockey player?
Boris:  I play hockey all my life. I am an offensive defenceman with a good shot from the blue line. I am a very good passer and have a good understanding of the game. I am confident and I have the skills to succeed here. I am good team player and I will always do my best.

482 Days: What do you think your biggest strengths and weaknesses are on the ice?
Boris: My biggest strength is the snapshot from the first pass. My weakness, I hate to lose.

482 Days: What has been your favourite moment so far in hockey?
Boris: Wining the Slovakian champions league as a junior player for my home town.

482 Days: What are you most proud of?
Boris: I am also proud of my gold medal from wining the Slovakian champions league at U20 level.

482 Days: Any message for the Oxford fans?
Boris: Come to see the games. Me and my team will do our best to have a successful season.

Many thanks to Boris for taking the time to answer our questions – I know the Oxford fans are already impressed and looking forward to seeing more of him.

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