2016-17 NIHL1 South Signings

All in one place – below are all confirmed comings, goings and re-signings in NIHL1 South this season. Note that only signings/departures announced by the club (website, official Facebook or official twitter) or by the players in question will be included.

Let us know (via twitter, Facebook or a comment on here) if you spot an error or know of anything we’ve missed.

Bracknell Hornets
Head coach: Kenny Redmond – from Invicta Dynamos (asst coach) – LINK
(F) Martyn Gray – from Sheffield Senators (NIHL1 North) – LINK
(F) Josh Abott – from London Haringey Racers (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Liam Underdown – from Slough Jets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Harvey Hind-Pitcher – re-signed – LINK
(F) Danny Hughes – re-signed – LINK
(F) Brandon Miles – re-signed – LINK
(F) Josh Martin – re-signed – LINK
(F) Ryan Handisides – re-signed – LINK
(F) Will Stead – re-signed – LINK
(F) Tom Fisher – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Jaroslav Kucej – from Altringham Aces (NIHL2 North) – LINK
F) (I) Peter Hudec – from unknown – LINK
(F) Ben Ealey-Newman – from Oxford City Stars – LINK
(F) Josh Ealey-Newman – from Oxford City Stars – LINK
(F) (I) Kamil Kinkor from London Raiders (not formally announced but on 08OCT2016 gamesheet)
(F) Conor Redmond – from Streatham IHC LINK
(F) (I) Ondrej Pekarik – from Oxford City Stars – LINK
(F) (I) Michal Oravec – from Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) (I) Chris Leykam – from New York BluefinsLINK
(D) Michael Krogh – from Guildford Fire Kings (EIHA U20) – LINK
(D) Luke Reynolds – re-signed – LINK
(D) Jack Baveystock  – re-signed – LINK
(D) Stewart Tait – re-signed – LINK
(D) Brad Watchorn – re-signed – LINK
(D) Tom Avery – from Oxford City Stars – LINK
(D) Jordan Gregory – from Wightlink Raiders  LINK
(D) Sam Cheema – from Wightlink RaidersLINK
(NM) Danny Milton – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Kevin McGurk – from Solent DevilsLINK
(NM) Nate Gregory – from Wightlink Raiders LINK
(NM) Milan Ronai – from Vasas SC (Hungary U20)  – LINK
(F) JJ Pitchley – to London Raiders – LINK
(F) Josh Abbott – to London Haringey Racers – LINK
(F) (I) Peter Hudec – never arrived
(F) (I) Jaroslav Kucej – to unknown – LINK
(F) Brandon Miles – to London Raiders – LINK
(F) (I) Kamil Kinkor – broken leg out for season
(F) (I) Ondrej Pekarik – injured, out for season
(D) Matt Jordan – to Oxford City Stars – LINK
(D) Brad Watchorn – to unknown – LINK
(D) Luke Reynolds – to unknownLINK
(D) Stewart Tait  – to London Raiders – LINK
(D) Michael Krogh – to unknown LINK
(NM) Mark Duffy – to Oxford City Stars – LINK
(NM) Kevin McGUrk – to unknown –

Chelmsford Chieftains
Head coach: Sean Easton – LINK
Assistant Coach – Danny Wright
LINK (playing status unconfirmed at present)
(F) Olegs Lascenko – re-signed – LINK
(F) Jake Sylvester – from Chelmsford Warriors (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Brandon Ayliffe – from Chelmsford Warriors (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Matthew Turner – re-signed  LINK
(F) Oliver Baldock – from Chelmsford Warriors (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) (I) Juaraj Huska – re-signed – LINK
(F) Cameron Bartlett – re-signed – LINK
(F) Grant Bartlett – re-signed – LINK
(F) Anthony Leone – re-signed – LINK (also announced as team captain)
(F) Danny Hammond – re-signed – LINK
(F) Darren Brown – re-signed – LINK (part time only)
(F) Nathaniel (BT) Williams – resigned (after 5 year break)
(F) (I) Andrius Kaminskas – re-signed – LINK
(F) Liam Chong – from London Raiders (not formally announced but on 25SEP2016 gamesheet)
(D) Callum Wells – from Chelmsford Warriors (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) (I) Lukas Zapotek – re-signed LINK
(D) Alex Staples – re-signed LINK
(D) Ryan Morgan – from Coldwater Falcons (GMHL)  LINK
(D) Sean Barry – re-signed – LINK
(D) Charlie Phillips – re-signed – LINK
(D) Billy Phillips – re-signed  LINK
(D) Carl Graham – from Bracknell Bees (EPL) – LINK
(NM) Ben Clements – re-signed  LINK
(NM) Sonny Phillips – from Chelmsford Warriors (NIHL2 South) LINK 
(F) Ross Brears – to unknown – LINK
(F) James Ayling – to unknown – announced on player’s FB page
(F) Olegs Lascenko – to Bracknell Bees (EPL) – LINK
(D) Julian Smith – London Raiders – LINK
(D) Billy Phillips – to unknown – LINK
(D) Charlie Phillips – to unknown – LINK
(NM) Euan King – to Streatham Redskins – LINK

Invicta Dynamos
Head coach: Kevin Parrish (not formally announced but mentioned in posts about players) 
(F) Mason Webster – from London Raiders – LINK
(F) Harrison Lillis – re-signed – LINK
(F) Josh Condren – re-signed – LINK
(F) Bailey Wootton – re-signed – LINK
(F) Conor Redmond – re-signedLINK
(F) Steve Osman – re-signedLINK
(F) NIcky Lewis – re-signedLINK
(F) Callum Fowler – re-signed LINK (also announced as team captain)
(F) Bradley Gutridge – re-signed – LINK
(F) Hadyn Wootton – from Guildford U18LINK
(F) Taylor Wootton – from Guildford U18LINK
(F) (I) Adam Rehak – from Zaglebie Sosnowiec (Poland)LINK
(F) Anthony Baskerville – from Invicta Mustangs (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Ashley Jackson – re-signedLINK
(F) Bailey Scott – from Manchester Phoenix (EPL)LINK
(D) (I) Ondrej Zosiak – re-signed – LINK
(D) Arran Strawson – re-signed  –
(D) Elliott Dewey – re-signed – LINK
(D) Jarvis Mewitt – re-signed – LINK
(D) Tommy Ralph – from Hull PIrates (EPL)LINK
(D) Adam McNicoll – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Damien King – re-signed – LINK
(NM) James Richardson – from Swindon U18 2009/10LINK
(F) Jacob Ranson – London Raiders – LINK
(F) Jack Lee – to Haringey Racers/Streatham IHC (2-way) – LINK
(F) Conor Redmond – to unknown – LINK
(NM) Steve Nightingale – to London Haringey Racers (NIHL2 South) – LINK

London Raiders
Head Coach – Alan Blyth – LINK
(F) (I) Kamil Kinkor – from Streatham Redskins – LINK (also taking assistant coach role)
(F) JJ Pitchley – from Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(F) Jacob Ranson – from Invicta Dynamos – LINK
(F) Bailey Chittock – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Marek Nahlik – re-signed – LINK
(F) James Pentecost – re-signedLINK
(F) Sam Roberts – re-signedLINK
(F) (I) Slavomir Buda – from HC Detva (Slovakia2) – LINK
(F) Brandon Miles – from London Raiders –  LINK
(F) Alan Lack – from Basingstoke Bison (EPL) – LINK
(F/D) Tom Davis – re-signed – LINK (also announced as team captain)
(D) Julian Smith – from Chelmsford Chieftains – LINK
(D) Matt France – re-signed – LINK
(D) Jack Cooper – re-signed – LINK
(D) John Connolly – re-signed – LINK
(D) Mark Robinson – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ross Connolly – from Temiscaming Titans (GMHL) LINK
(D) Stewart Tait – from Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(D) Andy Munroe – from Billingham Stars (NIHL1 North)LINK
(D) Callum Burnett – from Slough U18 LINK
(NM) Michael Gray – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Harry Buckingham – from Guildford U18sLINK
(NM) Euan King – from Streatham IHCLINK
(F) (I) Michel Oravec – to unknown – LINK
(F) Mason Webster – to Invicta Dynamos – LINK
(F) TJ Fillery – to unknown – LINK
(F) Rio Grinell-Parke – to Bracknell Bees (EPL) – LINK
(F) Seb Downing – to unknownLINK
(F) Liam Chong – to Chelmsford Chieftains (not formally announced)
(F) Michal Oravec – to Streatham Redskins – LINK
(F) (I) Kamil Kinkor – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(F) James Pentecost – to Peterborough Islanders (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Bailey Chittock – to Chelmsford Warriors (NIHL2 South) – (announced on closed FB group)
(F) Jacob Ranson – to Streatham IHCLINK
(D) (I) Vaclav Drabek – to Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(D) Ross Connolly – to unknown (announced on closed FB group)
(NM) Ryan Bainborough – to playing cricket in Australia – LINK

Milton Keynes Thunder
Head coach: Paul Gore – LINK (player/coach)
Head coach: Nick Chinn – LINK (player coach)
(F) Jamie Line – re-signed – LINK
(F) Ross Bowers – re-signed – LINK
(F) Tom Mboya – re-signed – LINK
(F) Harrison Goode – re-signed – LINK
(F) Connor Goode – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Nick PooleLINK
(F) (I) Jakub KlimaLINK
(F) Adam Harris – from Slough Jets – LINK
(F) Cameron Wynn – from Basingstoke Bison (EPL)LINK (note last played in 2014/15)
(F) Ryan Coffey – re-signed LINK
(F/D) James Clarke – re-signed LINK
(F) Nick Chinn – from Streatham IHC – LINK (player/coach)
(D) Paul Gore – re-signed LINK (player/coach)
(D) Nidal Phillips – re-signed – LINK
(D) Alex Whyte – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ross Green – from MK Lightning (EPL) – LINK (also taking assistant coach role)
(D) Jamie Randall – re-signed LINK
(D) Simon Howard – re-signedLINK
(D) Greg Randall – re-signed (after 3 year break)LINK
(D) Nathan Long – re-signed LINK
(D) (I) Boris Ruzicka – from Oxford City StarsLINK
(D) Luke Reynolds – from Bracknell HornetsLINK
(NM) David Wride – from Streatham Redskins – LINK
(NM) Mark Woolf – re-signed LINK
(NM) Spencer Kaminsky – to unknown LINK

Oxford City Stars
Head coach: Simon Anderson – LINK
(F) (I) Ondřej Pekárik – re-signed – LINK
(F) Joe Edwards – re-signed – LINK
(F) Josh Florey – re-signed – LINK
(F) Ben Ealey-Newman – re-signed  LINK
(F) Josh Ealey-Newman – from Haringey Racers (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Mike Whillock – re-signed – LINK
(F) Darren Elliott – re-signed – LINK (also announced as team captain)
(F) Dax Hedges – re-signedLINK
(F) Nick Oliver – re-signedLINK
(F) Josh Oliver – re-signedLINK
(F) Alan Green – re-signedLINK
(F) Logan Prince – from Bristol Pitbulls (2-way)LINK
(F) Hallam Wilson – from Basingstoke Buffalo (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Ben Paynter – from Wightlink Raiders LINK
(F) Jaroslav Cesky – from Wightlink Raiders LINK
(F) Jesse Lye – from Boston Jnr Bruins (USPHL) – LINK
(D) Andy Cox – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ben Nethersell – from Okenagan Hockey Academy (EIHA U18A) – LINK
(D) Matt Jordan – from Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(D) (I) Joonas Liimatainen – from Koillis-Pirkan Kiekko (Finland Div II) – LINK
(D) Jake Florey – re-signed – LINK
(D) Dominic Hopkins – from Streatham Redskins – LINK
(D) Joe Oliver – re-signedLINK
(D) Sam Arnold – re-signedLINK
(D) Jason Ikin – re-signedLINK
(D) (I) Boris Ruzicka – re-signedLINK
(D) Brendan Baird – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(NM) Tom Annetts – re-signed  LINK
(NM) Mark Duffy – from Bracknell Hornets
(NM) Shannon Long – re-signed (temp basis)LINK
(F) Nick Oliver – to unknown (released after one game) LINK
(F) Ben Ealey-Newman – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(F) Josh  Ealey-Newman – to Bracknell HornetsLINK
(F) (I) Ondrej Pekarik – to Bracknell Hornets
(D) Tom Avery – to Bracknell Hornets LINK
(D) Sam Arnold – to unknown (released after one game)LINK
(D) (I) Boris Ruzicka – to Milton Keynes Thunder LINK

Solent Devils
Head Coach: (F) Alex Murray – LINK (as player/coach)
(F) Alex Trendall – re-signed – LINK
(F) Matt Lawday – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(F) Sam Rudkin – re-signedLINK
(F) Mark Pitts – from Basingstoke Buffalo (NIHL2 South) LINK
(F) Oliver Dennis – re-signed LINK
(F) Paul Petts – re-signedLINK
(F) Rhys McCormack – from Basingstoke U18LINK
(F) Richard Facey – re-signsLINK
(F) Perry Stewart – from Solent & Gosport U18s (on 2-way) – LINK
(F) Mitch Murray – re-signed (not announced but played in first game)
(F) Scott Greenfield – from Guildford Flames (EPL) (not announced but played in first game)
(F) Aiden Doughty – from Wightlink Raiders –
(F) Drew Campbell – from London Haringey Racers (NIHL2 South)LINK
(F/D) Mason Wild – re-signedLINK
(F/D) Jacob Rondeau-Smith – from Guildford U20 LINK
(D) Alex Cole – re-signed – LINK
(D) Kyle Goddard – from Coldwater Falcons (GMHL) – LINK
(D) Ben Lock – re-signed – LINK
(D) Luke Tull – from London Haringey Racers (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Hugo Tibbits – re-signed (after 2 year break)LINK
(D) Monty Gailer – re-signedLINK
(D) (I) Mark Baroni – from unknown LINK
(NM) Christian ‘Chico’ Cole – re-signed
(NM) Sam Calder – re-signed LINK
(NM) Jake Stoodley – from Guildford U20’sLINK
(F) George Norcliffe – to Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(F) Shaun Rudkin – to unknownLINK
(F) MItch Murray – suspended for the remainder of the season – LINK
(NM) Kevin McGurk – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK

Streatham Redskins
Head coach: Nick Chinn – LINK (player/coach)
Head coach – Jeremy Cornish – LINK
(F) Nick Chinn – re-signed – LINK (player/coach)
(F) Joe Johnston – re-signed – LINK
(F) Adam Wood – re-signed – LINK
(F) Chris Wiggins – re-signed – LINK
(F) Liam Rasmussen – re-signed – LINK
(F) Steve Fisher – re-signed
(F) Callum Best – re-signed – LINK
(F) Joe Allen – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Sean Scarborough – re-signed (after 1 year break) LINK
(F) Daniel Clayton – re-signed LINK
(F) Jack Lee – from Invicta Dynamos LINK
(F) Conor Sheehan – from Haringey Racers LINK
(F) (I) Michal Oravec – from London LaidersLINK
(F) Ryan Webb – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(F) George Norcliffe – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(F) Dan Rose – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(F) Alex Sampford – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(F) Jacob Ranson – from London Raiders – LINK
(D) Jack Tarczycki – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ryan Giles – re-signed – LINK
(D) David Savage – re-signedLINK
(D) Casimir Madren-Britton – re-signed – LINK
(D) James Warman – re-signedLINK
(D) Adam Mahoney – re-signed – LINK
(D) Chris Cooke – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(D) Nick Compton  – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(D) (I) Vaclav Drabek – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(NM) Will Sanderson – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Euan King – from Chelmsford Chieftains – LINK
(NM) Matty Colclough – from Wightlink Raiders – LINK
(NM) Brett Sanderson – from Streatham U18 (playing up)LINK
(F) (I) Kamil Kinkor – to London Raiders – LINK
(F) Nick Chinn – to Milton Keynes Thunder – LINK
(F) Conor Sheehan – to unknown – LINK
(F) Chris Wiggins – to unknownLINK
(F) Conor Redmond – to Bracknell Hornets LINK
(F) (I) Michal Oravec – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(D) Dominic Hopkins – to Oxford City Stars – LINK
(D) David Savage – to Guildford Flames (EPL) – LINK
(NM) David Wride – to MK Thunder – LINK
(NM) Euan King – to London Raiders – LINK
(NM) Will Sanderson – to unknownLINK

Wightlink Raiders (Withdrew from league 23Oct2016)
Head coach: Jeremy Cornish – LINK
(F) Aiden Doughty – from Superior Roughriders (WSHL) – LINK
(F) Ryan Webb – re-signed – LINK
F) George Norcliffe – from Solent Devils – LINK
(F) Corey Watkins – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Jaroslav Cesky – re-signedLINK
(F) Alex Sampford – re-signedLINK
(F) Ben Paynter – re-signed – LINK
(F) Dan Rose – re-signedLINK
(F) Danny Ingoldsby – re-signedLINK
(F) Richard Nembhard – re-signed (after 1 year break) –
(D) Chris Cooke – re-signed – LINK
(D) Nick Compton – re-signed – LINK (also announced as team captain)
(D) (I) Vaclav Drabek – from London Raiders LINK
(D) Brendan Baird – re-signed – LINK
(D) Jordan Gregory – re-signed LINK
(D) Sam Cheema – from one year break LINK
(NM) Matthew Colclough – re-signs – LINK
(NM) Nate Gregory – from SISEC Prep (CSSHL)LINK

Head coach – Jeremy Cornish – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) Craig Tribe – to unknown – LINK
(F) Ben Paynter – to Oxford City Stars – LINK
(F) (I) Jaroslav Cesky – to Oxford City Stars – LINK
(F) Aiden Doughty – to Solent Devils – LINK
(F) Ryan Webb – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) George Norcliffe – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) Dan Rose – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) Danny Ingoldsby – to Bracknell Bees (EPL) LINK
(F) Corey Watkins – to Wightlink Buccaneers (NIHL2) – LINK
(F) Richard Nembhard – to Wightlink Buccaneers (NIHL2) – LINK
(F) Alex Sampford – to Streatham IHC LINK
(D) Bobby Streetly – to Blackburn Hawks (NIHL1 North) LINK
(D) Kieran Annis – to Wightlink Buccaneers (NIHL2 South) –
(D) Jordan Gregory – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(D) Brendan Baird – to Oxford City Stars – LINK
(D) Chris Cooke – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(D) Nick Compton – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(D) Sam Cheema – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(D) (I) Vaclav Drabek – to Streatham IHC – LINK
(NM) Aaron Craft – to Wightlink Buccaneers (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(NM) Matty Colclough – to Streatham IHC – LINK
NM) Nate Gregory – to Bracknell Hornets – LINK

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April 25th, 2016 by Nancy Carpenter