2017-18 NIHL1 South Signings

All in one place – below are all confirmed comings, goings and re-signings in NIHL1 South this season. Note that only signings/departures announced by the club (website, official Facebook or official twitter), local media (e.g. newspaper/radio) or by the players in question will be included.

Let us know (via twitter, Facebook or a comment on here) if you spot an error or know of anything we’ve missed.

Basingstoke Bison
Head coach: Doug Shepherd – re-signed (multi-year deal)
(F) Ivan Antanov – re-signed LINK
(F) Sam Brooks – 2-way with Basingstoke Buffalo (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) (I) Jaromir Cesky – from Oxford City StarsLINK
(F) Aaron Connolly – re-signed
(F) Daniel Davies – re-signed LINK
(F) (I) Tomas Karpov – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Roman Malinik – from Polonia Bytam (Poland) – LINK
(F) Grant Rounding – re-signed LINK
(F) Ashley Jackson – from Invicta DynamosLINK
(F) Daniel Lackey – re-signed – LINK
(F) Paul Petts – from Basingstoke Buffalo (NIHL2 South) and U20sLINK
(F) Ryan Sutton – from Tottenham Steam (GMHL, Canada)
(F) Hallam Wilson – from Oxford City Stars (NIHL2 South) LINK
(D) Joe Baird – re-signed
(D) Elliott Dewey – from Invicta Dynamos  LINK
(D) Stuart Mogg – re-signed LINK
(D) Kurt Reynolds – re-signedLINK
(D) Daniel Scott – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Dean Skinns – from Guildford Flames (EIHL) LINK
(NM) Dan Weller-Evans – re-signed – LINK
Out (in-season)
(F) (I) Jaromir Cesky – released LINK
(F) Ashley Jackson – to Invicta Dynamos – LINK
(F) Daniel Lackey – to Basingstoke Buffalo (NIHL2 South) – LINK
Out (pre-season)
(F) (I) Rene Jarolin – to unknown – LINK
(F) Ciaran Long – to Manchester Storm (EIHL) LINK
(F) Joe Miller – to Telford Tigers (NIHL1 North) – LINK
(F) Matt Towalski – retired – LINK
(F) (I) Joe Rand – retired (again) – LINK
(F) (I) Derek Roehl – to unknown  LINK
(D) Declan Balmer – Manchester Storm (EIHL) – LINK
(NM) (I) Tomas Hiadlovsky – to unknown – LINK

Bracknell Bees
Head Coach – Scott Spearing – re-signed (player/coach)LINK
(F) (I) Frankie Bakrlik – from MK Lightning (EPL) LINK
(F) Alex Barker – re-signedLINK
(F) Callum Best – from Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) Ben Ealey-Newman – on a 2-way with Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Josh Ealey-Newman – on a 2-way with Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) James Galazzi – re-signed – LINK
(F) Danny Ingoldsby – re-signed LINK
(F) Jared Lane – from Guildford Flames (EPL) LINK
(F) Josh Martin – from Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South)LINK
(F) George Norcliffe – from Streatham IHC – LINK
(F) Steve Osman – from Invicta Dynamos – LINK
(F) Will Stead – on a 2-way with Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Carl Thompson – re-signed (mid-season injury cover)LINK
(F) Shaun Thompson – re-signedLINK
(F/D) Matt Foord – re-signed – LINK
(D) Tom Avery – from Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) (I) Jan Bendik – from EV Landshut (Germany Tier 3)
(D) Jack Hayes – on a 2-way with Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Luke Jackson – from from Ontario Hockey Accademy (Canada HEOMAAA) LINK
(D) Harvey Stead – re-signed – LINK
(D) Joshua Tetlow – re-signed and on a 2-way with Nottingham Panthers (EIHL) LINK
(NM) Alex Mettam  re-signed
(NM) Danny Milton – from Bracknell Hornets LINK
Out (in-season)
(F) Steve Osman – to Invicta DynamosLINK
Out (pre-season)
Head coach/(F) (I): Lukas Smital (player/coach) – to unknown – LINK
(F) (I) Luka Bašič – to HDD Jesenice (Slovenia:AlpHC)LINK
(F) Olegs Lascenko – to London RaidersLINK
(F) Rio Grinnell-Parker – to MK Thunder – LINK
(F) Joshua Smith – to Basingstoke Bison – LINK
(D) (I) David Gaborcik – to Dunkerque (France2) – LINK
(D) Jack Hayes – to Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South)LINK
(D) Rupert Quiney – to MK Thunder – LINK
(D) (I) Martin Pavlicek – to Dunkerque (France2) – LINK
(NM) Matthew Smital – to Swindon Wildcats – LINK

Cardiff Fire
Head Coach: Mark Cuddihy
Assistant Coach : Mark Smith – from Swindon Wildcats (player) LINK
(F) Sam Bryant – re-signed – LINK
(F) Nick Chinn – from MK Thunder – LINK
(F) David Christian – re-signed – LINK
(F) Tamas Elias – re-signed – LINK
(F) Josh Haslam – re-signed – LINK
(F) Jackson Price – re-signed – LINK
(F) Jordan Powell – re-signed – LINK
(F) David Sadler – re-signed – LINK
(F) (I) Robert Sedlak – re-signed – LINK
(F) Sam Smith – re-signed – LINK
(F) Michael Stratford – from Swindon Wildcats – LINK
(F) Brad Watchorn – from year out (Bracknell Hornets 2015/16) – LINK
(F/D) (I) David Manning – from year out (Courbevoie: France Div2 in 2015/16)
(D) (I) Kalle Allner – from Nynäshamns IF (Sweden2)LINK
(D) Callum Buglass – from Swindon Wildcats – LINK
(D) Chris Hart  – re-signed – LINK
(D) (I) Viktor Langseth – from year out (Gnesta IK: Swedish U20 Div 1 in 2015/16) – LINK
(D) Phil Manny – re-signed – LINK
(D) Elis Sheppard – re-signed – LINK
(D) Alex Symonds – from Basingstoke Bison (15/16 season) – LINK
(NM) Lewis Davies – on a 2-way with Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(NM) Joseph Myers – re-signed LINK
(NM) Luke Takel – re-signed – LINK
(NM) James Whiting – re-signed – on a 2-way with Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK
Out (pre-season)
(F) Alan Armour – to Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Jordan Baber – to Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Daniel Blakemore – retired (announced on player’s facebook)
(F) Stephen Deacon – to Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Daniel Self – to Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Ross Wilkinson – to Cardiff Fire 2 (NIHL2 South) – LINK

Invicta Dynamos
Head coach: Kevin Parrish – re-signed
(F) Scott Bailey – re-signed – LINK
(F) Bobby Chamberlain – from MK Lightning (EPL)
(F) (I) Jaroslav Cesky – from Basingstoke Bison LINK
(F) Josh Condren – re-signedLINK
(F) Seb Downing – from Essa Stallions (CPJHL) – LINK
(F) Louis Colvin – from Ontario Hockey Accademy (Canada HEOMAAA) – LINK
(F) Callum Fowler – re-signed – LINK
(F) Ashley Jackson – from Basingstoke Bison – LINK
(F) (I) Adam Rehak – re-signedLINK
(F) Steve Osman – from Bracknell Bees – LINK
(F) Justin Robinson – not played for 5 seasons
(F) Brandon Webster – from Chelmsford U18s – LINK
(F) Mason Webster – re-signed – LINK
(D) George Hoang – on 2-way with Guildford U18sLINK
(D) Harrison Lillis – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ryan Morgan – from Chelmsford Warriors/Cheiftains (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Tommy Ralph – re-signed
(D) Arran Strawson – re-signed LINK
(D) (I) Ondrej Zosiak – re-signed – LINK
(NM) John Dibble – re-signed LINK
(NM) Damien King – re-signed – LINK
Out (in-season)
(F) Bobby Chamberlain – to Hull Pirates (NIHL1 North) – LINK
(F) (I) Adam Rehak – released – LINK
Out (pre-season)
(F) Anthony Baskerville – to Invicta Mustangs (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Bradley Gutridge – to Invicta Mustangs (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Ashley Jackson – to Basingstoke Bison- LINK
(F) Steve Osman – to Bracknell Bees
(D) Elliott Dewey – to Basingstoke Bison – LINK
(D) Adam McNicoll – to Dundee Comets (SNL) LINK
(NM) James Richardson – to Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South)LINK

London Raiders
Head Coach: Alan Blyth – re-signed (confirmed in Sean Easton Signing article) – LINK
Head coach: Sean Easton – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South) LINK
(F) Brandon Ayliffe – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South) LINK
(F) Oliver Baldock – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South)  LINK
(F) Thomas (Ziggy) Beesley – re-signed – LINK
(F) Tom Davis – re-signed – LINK
(F) Juraj Huska – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South) LINK
(F) Alan Lack – re-signed – LINK
(F) Olegs Lascenko – from Bracknell Bees – LINK
(F) JJ McGrath – re-signed (after 3 years out) LINK (was temp cover only)
(F) (I) Marek Nahlik – re-signed LINK
(F) JJ Pitchley – re-signed – LINK
(F) Sam Roberts – re-signedLINK
(F) Jake Sylvester – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South)LINK
(F) Matt Turner –  from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Sean Barry – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South)  LINK
(D) Callum Burnett – re-signed – LINK
(D) Jack Cooper – re-signed LINK
(D) John Connolly – re-signed LINK
(D) Andy Munroe – re-signedLINK
(D) Julian Smith – re-signedLINK
(D) Callum Wells – from Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(NM) Zack Grandy-Smith – from Chelmsford U18 – LINK

(NM) MIchael Gray – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Euan King – re-signedLINK
Out (in-season)
(NM) Euan King – to Peterborough Phantoms – LINK
Out (pre-season)
(F) Brandon Miles – to Streatham IHCLINK
(D) Matt France – to Chelmsford Chieftains (NIHL2 South) LINK
(D) Stewart Tait – to Oxford City Stars (NIHL2 South) – LINK

Milton Keynes Thunder
Head Coach – Lewis Clifford – from Milton Keynes Lightning and juniorsLINK
(F) Hallden Barnes Garner – re-signed LINK
(F) Ross Bowers – re-signedLINK
(F) Tom Carlon – from MK Lightning (EIHL) – LINK
(F) Connor Goode – re-signed – LINK
(F) Harrison Goode – re-signed – LINK
(F) Rio Grinnell-Parke – from Bracknell Bees – LINK
(F) Ryan Handisides – from Bracknell Hornets – LINK
(F) Connor Hutchison – re-signed – LINK
(F) Jamie Line – re-signed
(F) Tom Mboya – re-signed  LINK
(F) Grant McPherson – from retirement
(F) Gareth O’Flaherty – from Telford Tigers (NIHL1 North) – LINK
(F) Logan Prince – on a 2-way with Bristol Pitbulls (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F/D) Alex Whyte – re-signed
(D) Lewis Christie – from MK Lightning (EIHL) – LINK
(D) Ross Green – re-signed – LINK
(D) Oliver Lord – 2-way with Coventry Blaze U18 LINK
(D) Rupert Quiney – from Bracknell BeesLINK
(D) Nidal Phillips – re-signed – LINK
(D) Greg Randall – re-signed – LINK
(D) Luke Reynolds – re-signed (not announced but played first game)
(NM) Tom Annetts – from Oxford City Stars (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(NM) Josh Crane – on 2-way with Coventry Blaze U20s – LINK
(NM) Mark Woolf – re-signed – LINK
Out (in-season)
(F) Conor Hutchison – to Basingstoke Buffalo (NIHL2 South) LINK
(D) Luke Reynolds – to Slough Jets (NIHL2 South) LINK
Out (pre-season)
(D) Simon Howard – retired LINK
(D) (I) Boris Ruzicka – Svenstaviks HK (Sweden Div) – LINK
(NM) David Wride – to Haringey Huskies – LINK

Peterborough Phantoms
Head coach: Slava Koulikov – multi-year deal – LINK
(F) Glenn Billing – also on 2-way with MK Lightning (EIHL)LINK
(F) James Ferrara – re-signed – LINK
(F) Owen Griffiths – re-signed – LINK
(F) Jarvis Hunt – from Peterborough U15 – 2-way* with U18LINK
(F) Leigh Jamieson – from MK Lightning (EPL) LINK
(F) (I) Ales Padelek – re-signedLINK
(F) Nathan Pollard – from Peterborough Phantoms NIHL2 (not announced)
(F) (I) Darius Pliskauskas – re-signed
(F) Nathan Salem – from Hull Pirates (NIHL1 North) – LINK
(F) Will Weldon – re-signedLINK
(F) James White – re-signed LINK
(D) Bradley Bowering – from Peterborough U15 – 2-way* with U18 LINK
(D) Ross Clarke – from Peterborough U15 – 2-way* with U18 – LINK
(D) Craig Ellis – from Peterborough U15 – 2-way* with U18 – LINK
(D) Robert Ferrara – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ed Knaggs – also on 2-way with MK Lightning (EIHL)
(D) Nathan Long – re-signed (2-way with Peterborough Phantoms NIHL2) – LINK
(D) Callum Metcalf – re-signed (2-way with Peterborough Phantoms NIHL2)LINK
(D) Tom Norton – re-signed LINK
(D) Greg Pick – re-signed – LINK
(D) Ben Russell – re-signed – LINK
(D) Scott Robson – re-signedLINK
(NM) Euan King – from London Raiders – LINK
(NM) Adam Long- re-signed – on a 2-way with MK Lightning (EIHL)
(NM) Jack Peacock – re-signed – LINK
* Training immediately, eligible to play from 16th birthday
Out (in-season)
(NM) Adam Long – to unknownLINK
Out (pre-season)
(F) James Archer – to unknownLINK
(F) Edgars Bebris – to unknown LINK
(F) (I) Wehebe Darge – to unknownLINK
(F) Marc Levers – to unknown – LINK
(F) (I) Petr Stepanek – to unknown – LINK
(F) (I) Martins Susters – to unknown LINK
(D) Thomas Stubley – to unknown LINK
(NM) Janis Auzins – to unknown LINK

Streatham IHC
Head coach – Jeremy Cornish – re-signedLINK
(F) Joe Allen – re-signedLINK
(F) Adam Carr – from MK Lightning (EIHL)
(F) Aiden Doughty – from Solent Devils (NIHL2 South) LINK
(F) Jamie Hayes – 2015/15 Cardiff Devils (NIHL1) – LINK
(F) Brandon Miles – from London Raiders LINK
(F) Jacob Ranson – re-signedLINK
(F) Ben Paynter – from Oxford City Stars (NIHL2 South)LINK
(F) Dan Rose – re-signed – LINK
(F) Alex Sampford – re-signedLINK
(F) (I) Andreas Siagris – from London Dragons (BUIHA Div 1) – LINK
(F) Ryan Watt – from Hull Pirates (NIHL1 North)LINK
(F) Ryan Webb – re-signed – LINK
(F/D) Adam Wood – re-signed – LINK
(D) Brendan Baird – from Oxford City Stars (NIHL2 South)
(D) Chris Cooke – re-signed – LINK
(D) Michael Farn – from MK Lightning (EIHL) – LINK
(D) Jordan Gregory – from Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South)
(D) James Warman – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Matt Colclough – re-signed – LINK
(NM) Nate Gregory – from Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) –
(NM) Brett Shepherd – re-signed – LINK – also on a 2-way with Lee Valley Lions (NIHL2 South)LINK
Out (pre-season)
(F) Callum Best – to Bracknell Bees – LINK and LINK
(F) Steve Fisher – to Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(F) Daniel Clayton – to Haringey Huskies (NIHL2 South) LINK
(F/D) Joe Johnston – retired
(F) George Norcliffe – to Bracknell Bees LINK
(F) Liam Rasmussen – retiredLINK
(F) (I) Sean Scarborough – to Bracknell Hornets – (NIHL2 South) – LINK
(D) Ryan Giles  – to unknownLINK
(D) Casimir Madren-Britton  – to unknownLINK
(D) Jack Tarczycki  – to Bracknell Hornets (NIHL2 South) – LINK

Swindon Wildcats
Head Coach – Aaron Nell (player/coach) – multi-year deal LINK
(F) (I) Max Birbraer – re-signed – LINK
(F) Sam Bullas – re-signedLINK
(F) Phil Hill – re-signedLINK
(F) Chris Jones – from Cardiff Devils (EIHL) – LINK
(F) Jordan Kelsall – re-signed and on 2-way deal with Nottingham Panthers (EIHL)LINK
(F) (I) Jan Kostal – re-signedLINK
(F) Luc Johnson – on a 2-way deal with MK Lightning (EIHL)
(F) Aaron Nell (player/coach) – multi-year deal LINK
(F) Tom Rutkis – re-signed LINK
(F) Kyle Smith – re-signed – LINK
(F) Floyd Taylor – re-signed LINK
(D) Sam Godfrey – from Guildford Flames (EIHL) – LINK
(D) Joseph Hazeldine – from Nottingham Lions and Juniors – on a 2-way with Nottingham Panthers (EIHL) – LINK
(D) Neil Liddiard – re-signed LINK
(D) Ben Nethersell – re-signed LINK
(D) Oliver Stone – re-signed – LINK  – also on 2-way with Coventry Blaze (EIHL) – LINK
(D) Stephen Whitfield – multi-year deal  LINK
(D) Sam Zajac – from Telford Tigers (NIHL1 North) –
NM Renny Marr – from Coventry Blaze (EIHL) – LINK  – also on 2-way with Coventry Blaze (EIHL) LINK
(NM) Matthew Smital – from Bracknell Bees – LINK
Out (in-season)
(F) Tom Rutkis – to Cardiff Devils (EIHL) – LINK
(F) Kyle Smith – to unknown/no team – LINK
(D) Sam Zajac – to unknown (departing Dec 4th) – LINK
Out (pre-season)
(D) Callum Buglass – to Cardiff Fire – LINK 
(F) (I) Jonas Höög – to unknown – LINK
(F) (I) Robin Kovar – to Ertis Pavoldar (Kazakhstan) – LINK
(F) (I) Tomasz Malasiński – to GKS Katowice (Poland)  – LINK
(F) Adam Finlinson – to Whitley Warriors (NIHL1 North) – LINK
(F) Michael Stratford – to Cardiff Fire
(D) (I) Mark Smith – to Cardiff Fire (coaching role) – LINK
(D) Lee RIchardson – retired – LINK
(NM) Michael Crisp – to unknownLINK
(NM) Stevie Lyle – to unknown – LINK

Last updated: 02-DEC-2016
Red text indicates information added on or after: 26-NOV-2016
Strikethrough text indicates a signing who left the club after being announced

May 11th, 2017 by Nancy Carpenter