NIHL1 South Weekend Preview 13-14 October

With the group stages of the Autumn Cup done, it’s now all about the league (and the NIHL1S cup qualification) this weekend. All 8 teams have double headers this weekend meaning that we’ve got a full pack of 8 games.

I do have to apologise though as this is going to be a very brief article this week as real life is intruding and I have a work crisis going on at the moment!

League action

Some really exciting match-ups this weekend.  Due to the aforementioned time constraints I’m just going to pull out a couple to discuss.

The pick of the games on Saturday sees defending champions Basingstoke hosting the team they beat to the title so narrowly last season.  Both teams have seen quite a few changes over the summer, and this will be an interesting battle to see where they stand against each other this season.

Sunday we’ve got two games I’m going to concentrate on.

Firstly, the two pre-season title favourites go head to head as Bracknell host Swindon. Bees bounced back last weekend with two narrow wins against Raiders and Thunder to not just keep them at the top of the table, but to extend their lead to 4 points. Meanwhile, Wildcats recorded a double-shut-out of a depleted Dynamos side to start their league campaign.  These two sides did meet in the pre-season period at the start of September with the Wildcats taking wins in both games, but Wildcats would be foolish to put too much confidence in that result as neither team will have been completely clicking at that point.

At the other end of the table, Invicta host Milton Keynes. Both teams are looking for their first win of the season and will have been eyeing up this fixture as a ‘must win’ to try and get their seasons off the ground properly. Mos lost the Bartlett twins last week, who left citing work commitment issues in order to return to NIHL2 Chelmsford and that’s left a bit of an offensive hole that will need filling if they want to compete well in the league this season. For Thunder, the league campaign started relatively well as they picked up their first point in the opening weekend with an OT loss to Streatham.  But since then they have struggled to match the depth of the wealthier clubs above them.


482days will have updates from all the #oneNIHL games across the weekend and we’ll be live tweeting from the NIHL2 South game between Bracknell Hornets and Oxford City Stars

Looking for info on the NIHL2 South games? You can find the NIHL2 South preview HERE where our NIHL2 correspondent Laurence Thorn takes a look at all the action in that league this weekend.

Fixture information


17:30 Streatham IHC vs Invicta Dynamos (NIHL1)
18:15 Swindon Wildcats vs Raiders (NIHL1)
18:30 Basingstoke Bison vs Peterborough Phantoms (NIHL1)
18:45 Milton Keynes Thunder vs Bracknell Bees (NIHL1)


17:15 Invicta Dynamos vs Milton Keynes Thunder (NIHL1)
17:30 Peterborough Phantoms vs Streatham IHC (NIHL1)
17:30 Raiders vs Basingstoke Bison (NIHL1)
18:00 Bracknell Bees vs Swindon Wildcats (NIHL1)

Tables for active competitions this weekend
NIHL1 Britton League


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