PERMUTATIONS: GB at the Women’s Worlds

With 11 games now played we can confirm the Permutations for the final day. It’s a bit of a confusing one to tell the truth.

In the box seat are Poland. This is because we currently have a minigroup situation between GB, Poland and Korea. The mini group looks like this (and is currently what is separating the two sides)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 18.48.53

Our final day fixtures are:

Poland vs Croatia

Great Britain vs DPR Korea

Slovenia vs Korea

If Poland, Korea and Great Britain all win in regulation tomorrow then this is how the group will be decided. Poland will win Gold due to superior Goals Scored with in the mini group. This means that Korea and Great Britain are left and as Korea won 1-0 in the game between the two nations Korea will take Silver and Great Britain will take Bronze.

Great Britain are still in with a shout because they hold the tiebreaker over Poland. Therefore if it’s just GB and Poland tied on points then GB would take it. The most likely way this could happen is if Poland beat Croatia and GB beat DPR Korea both in regulation time, while Korea fail to win (or win in Overtime) against Slovenia. In that case Great Britain would win gold, Poland take Silver and Korea would take Bronze. 


April 7th, 2016 by