#PIAMG – 2018 playoff time!

Playoffs are coming – and that means it’s also time for our own own playoff competition to commence!

It’s been another fantastic year of #piamg! At the time of writing, 219 of you have entered the competition at least once – and the average number of entries is 98 each week with the current record standing at 110 entries in a single week.  That’s a big increase on last year – so a huge thanks to everyone!

An extraordinary 38 of you (twice as many as last year!) have entered every single week this season – and there will be a special reward (see below) for our 100% club. A special mention again goes to the 4 of you who have yet to miss a week since we started #piamg last season (take your annual bow @detroit97, @jasonskint, @Jdubz78 and @spedeworthsix). This season saw 2 more of them win their first mug – so we just need to get @spedeworthsix a win now!

It’s definitely been Invicta’s year on the wins this season – as we’ve sent more mugs to Kent than everywhere else put together! Here’s a nifty little graph showing where our supporters have come from this season…

Of our winners, we’ve had a few multiple mug winners this season: @wingnut2711 again won himself a brace as did @j93jordan but the overall plaudits have to go to @jonakers who won a hattie of mugs this season.

For consistency though – it’s the Chelmsford Chieftains fans (and most specifically members of the Wall family) who came top. When we looked at how far away you were on average through the season, @helen847 takes the win, just beating out her Dad @geoffreywall!  One of our NIHL2 correspondents @McDermott_Sport takes the bronze. The full set of rankings for the 63 of you who entered at least 80% (23 times) can be seen here!

But enough about our stats – what you all want to know if ‘How do I win the damn playoff prize?’ You want that travel mug and the ultimate bragging rights for the season!  I warn you – it’s not for the fainthearted, it will require skill, stamina or a ridiculous run of good luck that will have people asking you to pick their lottery numbers.

We have a massive total of 6 weeks of playoffs across the leagues this year. So this is a 6-week competition with about half of you being knocked out each week (did we mention it’s not easy to win!).

Firstly – sorry – but I can’t let all 219 of you enter! This competition is a ‘thanks’ to those who have entered at least somewhat regularly through the season. This year as we have an extra round of playoffs compared to last year we’ve been able to set the bar for entry a little lower. So just like player eligibility for the playoffs – you need to have played at least 25% of regular season games to be allowed to compete in the playoffs. That means anyone with at least 7 entries can join (a whopping 118 of you in total).

However, for the 38 of you who are in my 100% group – as a special ‘you rock – thanks guys’, you will be given a bye into the second round!

This is a knockout competition – so once you are out, you are out.  The full rules are below.

So “how do I win this thing of wonder?” I hear you ask…

Round 1 (March 17-18)
Includes only the 16 games in the NIHL1 regional playoffs (North and South) first round.
The 80 twitter accounts with 25-99% (7-26 weeks) of previous #piamg entries this season will be included
The top 42 will qualify to round 2

Round 2 (March 24-25)
Includes only the 8 games in the NIHL1 regional playoff (North and South) semi-finals
The 38 twitter accounts with 100% (27 weeks) of previous #piamg entries this season will join the top 42 qualifiers from round 1 to make a total of 80 in this round
The top 40 will qualify to round 3

Round 3 (March 31-April 1)
Includes only the 4 games in NIHL1 regional playoff (North and South) finals
The top 40 from round 2 will be eligible
The top 20 will qualify for the quarter-final round

Quarter-final Round (April 7-8)
Includes the 4 games in the NIHL1 national finals (including the NIHL2 regional winners game)
The top 20 from round 2 will be eligible
The top 10 will qualify for the semi-final round

Semi-final Round (April 14-15)
Includes the 8 games in the NIHL2 Southern QF and the 3 games in the NIHL2 North finals weekend.
The top 10 from the quarter-final round will be eligible
The top 5 will qualify for the final round

Final Round (April 21-22)
Includes only the 3 games in the NIHL2 playoff final.
The top 5 from the semi-final round will be eligible
The winner will be crowned at the end of this round.


  1. The competition will run across the 6 weeks of the NIHL1 and NIHL2 North and South playoffs with a schedule as outlined above.
  2. The aim is to guess how many goals will be scored in the playoff games (and only the playoff games).
  3. In all cases, the top XX will be defined as those who are closest to the correct total. In the event of a tie, the lower guess will win/qualify for the next round*
  4. Each week of the competition, @482days will open entries with a tweet. This will occur at 6pm on Thursdays. You will then have the time between that tweet appearing and the puck dropping on the first game to enter. If you do not enter within that time frame you will be automatically disqualified.
  5. As with the normal #piamg competition, it is first come, first served for guesses. We will take entries in the order in which they appear in our twitter feed.
  6. To qualify for entry to the playoffs, you must have played at least 7 previous #piamg games this season**.  Those who have entered all 27 previous #piamg weeks will be given a bye in Round 1 and will enter the competition at the Round 2 stage.
  7. After each weekend, we will notify those who qualified for the next round via twitter.

The decision of @482days is final in all aspects of the competition and just like the EIHA, we reserve the right to change the rules at any point in the competition!

* e.g. in round 3 if the correct total is 28 and the 20th and 21st closest guesses are 16 and 40 (both 12 away) then the person who guessed 16 will go through and the person who guessed 40 will be eliminated.

** Eligible entrants will receive a DM via twitter in the next day or so.  If you are haven’t received a DM by Friday March 16 then you have not qualified***.

***If you have not qualified, you can apply for exemption to the LMC @482days on twitter. If you can give us a convincing/amusing enough reason why we should allow you to enter, we may choose to let you! This must be applied in a public tweet (i.e. not a DM) directed at @482days and will be denied/confirmed before the start of the Round 1. The decision of @482days is final.

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