#piamg – change is in the air

This season has seen a bit of an explosion of our #predictionisamugsgame (#piamg) competition. With lots of news teams in NIHL South, we now have more entrants than ever before. In the first 6 weeks of this season, 140 of you have entered at least once (we had 150 enter at least once across the whole of last season in comparison) and we have been tracking well over 90 entries a week for the last few weeks.

When we started the competition we had about 20-30 enter to start with and while I was hoping to grow that a little, I never imagined that we’d get to a stage where we often had that many entries within 10-20 minutes of the competition opening each week.

The problem is of scalability… these days if you haven’t entered in the first 60 minutes, you are pretty unlikely to have a hope of winning as all the plausible guesses had gone. I do still want to cater for those who may not have constant access to twitter on a work day! At the same time, I can’t go back to letting everyone have whatever number they wanted as I’m pretty sure we’d run out of mugs very quickly (not to mention the postage costs would bankrupt me). I also don’t want to change the simplicity of the game by adding in more than one thing to guess at (e.g. making people pick number of goals and time of first goal/team scoring first goal) as that would become difficult and time-consuming to track and I do actually work for a living myself as well.

So, given that this season we have a lot more cross-games and cross-promotion of the NIHL North divisions, the best way for us to expand without changing the nature of the game is to bring in the NIHL North games into the competition as well. This should close to double the number of eligible games each week – and thus double the range of plausibility, hopefully meaning that everyone will get something at least close to possible if they want it!

Note that we will not be RT’ing NIHL North only action in our #gamedaylive coverage (as I think my head would explode trying to keep up and I’d never get to see any of the game I’d actually gone to watch). But we will provide a ‘final’ update of all the games at the end of each day.

I hope everyone can get behind this change and see it for a good thing. The new format will start from this coming weekend.


October 9th, 2017 by