#predictionisamugsgame/#piamg – Rules / Terms and Conditions

#predicitionsiamugsgame (also known as #piamg) is a twitter competition which is run most weeks during the season.  As a general rule, we will only run the competition on weekends when at least 5 eligible games are being played.

Please note that as of the weekend of 06/07 October 2018, the way to enter has changed. Summary below or read a more in depth article (with screenshots) HERE

  1. The competition is declared open by a tweet being made by the @482days twitter account declaring so. Entries are valid up until the start of the first game on the weekend.
  2. Participants must click on the provided link in the opening tweet where they will be taken to a form to enter.
  3. Each twitter account can select one number, which is the total number of goals scored in National Ice Hockey League (North and South), Divisions One and Two, including all Cup competitions/challenge matches as specified.
  4. Once a number has been selected, it cannot be selected by another entrant. 482 Days reserves the right to reject entries from persons who enter the competition multiple times within a week. Persistent offenders may be suspended from entering in future weeks or outright banned in extreme cases.
  5. The winner will be the account which correctly predicts the number of goals scored. In the event of no account correctly predicting it, then the closest entry within five will be declared the winner, otherwise, no winner will be declared. In the event that two people are both the same distance away, the lowest prediction shall be declared the winner.
  6. Winners will be notified on twitter, with the winning account name and result declared in a public tweet. Winners are then expected to Direct Message 482Days with an address for this to be posted to. Mugs can also be collected by arrangement.
  7. The prize is a 482 Days Mug. No cash alternative is available. In the event that a winner has won before within the same season, a previous season’s mug may be offered as an alternative (subject to availability).
  8. This is a fun competition. Participants in any 482Days competition commit to having fun at all times. Failure to have fun or to take any of this too seriously, shall result in the participants being reminded to have fun and/or being told off.


At the end of each season, we will run a special playoff competition. Rules may vary season to season based on how many weekends are included in the various playoffs (and cup-finals may also be included as deemed appropriate by t’management).

As with any hockey playoffs, you will only be able to participate in the playoffs if you have played enough games throughout the season. The eligibility criteria will however not be confirmed until the playoff format is decided on. Special consideration such as a bye in early round(s) may be given to those who have entered every week.

The playoff format for the season will be provided a few weeks before the playoffs start and will be advertised on twitter.

August 9th, 2017 by Nancy Carpenter