SNAP REACTION: DPR Korea get second win, set up Bronze game showdown

Photo Credit: Drago Cvetanovic

FINAL Slovenia (1-3) 1 – 8 DPR Korea (2-2)

Story of the Game:

Slovenia come out strong but DPR hit back on the break: Slovenia, clearly trying to copy Croatia’s start to the game yesterday came out with a superb start but weren’t able to convert anything. DPR Korea then hit them back with a goal from Song Hui Ryo.

More pressure from DPR Korea: The pressure was really placed in one location: towards the Slovenian net. Two or three big DPR Korean chances but unable to beat Confidenti in the Slovenian net. Her positioning was off for the first goal, but not for the rest of the period.

Slovenia go close with a couple of chances: Pia Pren has two chances including a chance at the near post denied by a top defensive move.

But DPR Korea end the period with a goal: From Hyang Mi Kim with a looping shot over the shoulder of Confidenti who was a little bit unlucky. Still they all count.

Jung Hui Choe: Made it 3-0 with a dribbler, and it only managed to get a few inches over the line. Still they all count. Slovenia then went on the PK after Patricija Beribak took a tripping penalty and to make it worse…

DPR Korea went on a 5 on 3:  And hit the post! Great work from Confidenti to keep the Slovenia in the game before they took another penalty to make it an extended five on three for the visitors but despite a few chances Slovenia kept themselves in the game killing all the penalties to keep it at 3-0.

Erm where did that come from GOAL SLOVENIA! Classic counter attacking hockey from Slovenia who had soaked up the pressure from DPR Korea well for five-six minutes after the penalties. Pia Pren got on the board after a lovely finish..

Normal service resumed just EIGHT seconds later: DPR Korea hit straight off the faceoff from Hyang Mi Kim to make it 4-1. Slovenia just took their eyes of the puck for a second and it was all DPR Korea needed, They’d finish the period at 5-1 up after Choi Sun Won scored from distance with just 30 seconds in the 2nd.

Back in the 3rd: DPR Korea again kept Slovenia to the odd chance on the break but other than that it was an uneventful opening five.

Slovenian penalty trouble means DPR Korea goals: Taking three penalties in four minutes put the DPR Koreans on the two-man advantage and this time they didn’t disappoint with DPR Korea scoring twice on the PP once on the 5 on 3, then on the 5 on 4 to make it 7-1 with those goals coming within a minute of each other.

DPR Korea finish it off in style: Kim Hyang Mi gets her hat-trick goal to win the game for DPR Korea 8-1 a very comfortable win the end.

482 (or less) things we learned: 

  • The shots on goal made this game look like the previous game (Korea vs Croatia) but it was nothing like it.
  • Slovenia’s biggest problem? They are a bit too nice. Need more aggression and physicality.
  • DPR Korea’s defence seems to already been on the plane home to Pyongyang. It’s really been all over the place here.
  • DPR Korea play a lot more physically than their neighbours to the South.
  • We kind of feel that some of the referees need a refresher course in the difference between bodychecking and body contact.
  • The line of Pren-Confidenti-Lepir is very strong and have been unlucky not score more today.

Best team won: By a mile

482 Days Three Stars:

1st Star – Kim Hyang Mi

2nd Star – Sara Confidenti

3rd Star – Won Choi Sun

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