SNAP REACTION: Super Ganney goes ballistic, DPR atrocious

Photo Credit: Drago Cvetanovic

FINAL DPR Korea (2-3) 0 – 7 Great Britain (4-1)

Story of the Game: 

Edgy opening: Neither side particularly got off to a flyer in what was an edgy, tense opening to the game. GB took a penalty from Sophie Herbert who also had the best opening chance for GB and that PP was easily killed of.

Out of nowhere, Ganney! With the game spluttering, GB’s skipper Leanne Ganney clearly grew tired of the 0-0 tie. Winning a race on the right wing, she engineered her own breakaway and shot the puck past So Jong Sim in the DPR Korean net who’s problems continued.

DPR Korea look dangerous: A few chances, including one two on one which was well killed by GB continued to give DPR Korea their lead on shots on goal. Couldn’t break through Jackson though.

2-0 GB! And no less than GB deserve. After an edgy start they’ve shown superb attacking movement and are taking the game to DPR Korea. Georgina Farman got the puck on the right wing, shot and tipped in front from Ganney for a brace.

Time!: And it ended 2-0 to GB end of the first. DPR Korea putting a lot of pressure on the GB players, Jackson looked in fine form.

GB close the door: DPR managed to get only three shots from distance on Jackson in the first 10 minutes of the second period, frustrating them at every turn. They restricted themselves to counter attacking chances…

HAT TRICK GANNEY! And Ganney wins another foot race to get there in time! Ganney has made this DPR Korean defence look utterly pedestrian and that’s the second time in the game that she personally had scored on the breakaway herself. Superb from the GB captain.

Comedy defending, GB go 4-0 up!: DPR Korea looking for a penalty call, think they have it, Goalkeeper comes out of her net and Saffron Allen thinks, i’ll have me a piece of this! 4-0! Bizarre.

GB pick up where they left off, 5-0! Kathryn Marsden picks up a goal well assisted by CJ Ashton and Sophie Herbert. GB somehow being outshot, but firmly in control. And then another! CJ Ashton scores herself to make it 6-0.

DPR Korea switch keepers, GB get back to back powerplays: GB control the game well and finally take control on shots on goal. Three PP’s in a row can’t be converted, but GB won’t care about that.

Aggro!: A pile up at the DPR Korean net sees the DPR lose their discipline and start at Great Britain. One from either side, Saffron Allen gets the GB penalty for Roughing.

A player gets injured for DPR Korea and they then play one short for no apparent reason: This is odd. Still..

Durnell on the board!:  Shot from Durnell from the right hand side, DPR Korea then demand their player in the box comes back onto the ice, despite the fact it was on a coincidental penalty and 5 on 5!. Oh and then the referee gives the goal to Sam Bolwell! We’re not sure what is going on anymore.

GB win 7-0!: What a win!

482 (or less) things we saw:

  • DPR Korea’s passing was practically non-existant in the first period.
  • Lots of genuine attacking intent from GB. We like a lot. When GB having this type of free flowing attacking hockey, it really suits them.
  • Leanne Ganney – utterly magnificent performance, leading from the top to secure GB’s first every win over DPR Korea
  • GB’s defence so strong today, completely killed off DPR Korea’s chances to get back in the game.
  • DPR Korea’s defence, which was poor against Slovenia the previous night and here collapsed to cataclysmic levels
  • We saw 482Days blatantly plagerise that headline from the Scottish Sun. Apologies guys.

Best team won?: You’d better believe it. GB better in every department.

482 Days Three Stars:

1st Star – Leanne Ganney

2nd Star – Nicole Jackson

3rd Star – Chrissy Newman

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