SNAP REACTION: GB secure big win to setup Poland showdown on Thursday

Photo Credit: Drago Cvetanovic

FINAL: Great Britain (2-1) 6 – 0 Slovenia (1-2)

Story of the Game:

30 Seconds: was all it took for GB to get on the board from a beaut of a finish from Leanne Ganney. Set up by Bethany Hill, Ganney took the puck and shot it top left to give GB the shot start they needed. Even did it shorthanded.

Jackson called into action early: Two penalty kills meant that Nicole Jackson had to make some early key saves for GB. Slovenia outshot GB 6-4 in the early stages of the game. This would continue for the next few minutes as Slovenia worked incredibly hard to try and get back into ths game.

Slovenian pressure: Slovenia had all the pressure in the latter stages of the period and while GB would have good one off attacks with the hosts that looked to have the better chances and for a little while, GB looked disjointed. But then again..

Pivotal goal to GBCometh the hour, cometh Sophie Herbert, an experienced head for GB who cooly slotted the puck home after being setup by Lauren Halliwell and Chrissie Newman. And with that GB pushed on with Kim Lane scoring just a minute afterwords to give GB a comfortable three-nil lead into the first break.

Dukaric stands on her head: Two, no make that three key saves for Dukaric who it’s amazing to think is making her full International Debut at just 15 years of age. Now that Slovenia are practically assured staying up, you can see why they have brought her in. Not the finished article, but the potential is there for sure.

Powerplay, powerplay, powerplay!: GB get a long advantage after Slovenia take three minor penalties in less than 30 seconds. Dukaric once again stands on her head as as GB up it to 21 shots in the first 14 minutes of the period. In the end, Louise Adams scores and absolute beaut of a goal from a slapshot on the blueline.

Great finish to the period: GB put 26 shots on the Slovenian net in total in this period and fully deserved a fifth goal from Katie Henry who lifted the puck top left to fully seal the tie for GB, if it wasn’t sealed before.

CJ Ashton: back in the goals! GB started off the period brightly for sure and it didn’t get long to get on the board. After a good looking PP, Ashton scored for GB for the third time this tournament.  She nearly added a few more near the end of the game as well

Great commitment in a won game: Sarah Hutchinson pulled off an inch perfect dive to deny Slovenia’s Pia Pren taking the puck off her a fraction of a second before she was going to shoot.

Game Misconduct, early bath for Durnell: Our twitter called it at the same as a 50/50, where the player bounced off the Durnell into the boards, still, it was a 5+GM call and GB had to defend on the PK for almost the rest of the game.

Penalty killed and Jackson secures the shutout: It was very pleasing to see the five minute major killed off and as well as killing that off Nicole Jackson secured a fantastic 26 shot shutdown. Especially the first period, when Slovenia came and attacked GB from the start she laid the platform for the victory. It looks like she’s GB number 1 for this tournament, and played like it tonight.

482 (or less) things we saw:

  • Slovenia do love a bit of tippy-tappy tic-tac-toe passing. Really effective in front of net as well.
  • Even with a crowd that wasn’t the biggest, a great atmosphere here tonight.
  • GB are almost preparing for their match against Poland with their physical play today. No doubt they are up for this, but GB are sending a message with every shift.
  • Slovenia weren’t prepared to take that physicality however. Very tough game of hockey
  • Sara Confidenti, number 8 for Slovenia, just 18 years of age is another player for Slovenia to watch out for in the future, she’s looked dangerous all night.
  • GB’s third line but in a hard graft tonight, but it really paid off. They can be really proud of their efforts.
  • Chrissy Newman’s experience was key here in setting up the second goal, just when GB were in danger of slipping on the rocks. Key senior experience.

Best Team Won? No doubt here. GB best in all categories.

#refwatch: Debbie Hengst is a good ref, no doubt about it. She loves to call penalties, but it’s same for both sides and that’s all you can ask for.

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