SNAP REACTION: Korea back to winning ways, Croatia relegated

Photo Credit: Drago Cvetanovic

FINAL Croatia (0-4) 0 – 2 Korea (3-1)

Story of the Game:

Early Korean Pressure: As expected Korea had all of the early pressure in the game and put 13 shots on goal in the first five minutes. A Croatian penalty didn’t help matters after a tripping penalty was called, however Korea had a goal disallowed because of a penalty to Soo Jin Han for Roughing the goalie.

Shorthanded goal for Korea: And to show the gulf in class between the sides, Korea had their shorthanded unit in the attacking zone for a full minute before Jongah Park finally put it away.

Croatia stand up tall: It was a very tough period for Croatia but somewhow they stood up tall to the Korean forwards. Despite conceding another late in the period on a 4 on 3 powerplay for Korea, Lana Belic saved 24 out of 26 shots in the first period.

More of the same in the 2nd:  Korea continued to dominate the game in all facets. Croatia were holding strong for a long time but then..

Three in a minute for Korea: Soo Jin Han, Jongah Park and Su Sie Jo scored three goalsl in 53 seconds to kill off the tie. Timeout Croatia

But that was it: And other than a few penalties, there’s was very little that actually happened in the remainder of the period. Croatia’s long march to relegation went on.

Croatia got the first shot of the 3rd period! Didn’t see it, still in the bar.

Goal Korea then penalties: Unlucky this for Croatia, looping shot that just dipped under the bar from Mi Hwan Cho. A few penalties after, but the pace of this game had evaporated by this point.

Korea seal the win: Outshoot Croatia 58 to 7. Ouch.

482 (or less) things we learned: 

  • Korea have still struggled to score. Two goals off 30 first period shots isn’t really good enough at any level.
  • And while Korea have got great speed and passing, they need to build up their strength for harder shots and work on placing them in the corners.
  • This is level is a bit too much for Croatia at the moment. They will need to rebuild in Division 2B next season and will be the better for it.
  • Lana Belic in the Croatian net has done her team proud today. 89.66% save percentage highly creditable.

Best team won: No doubt.

482 Days Three Stars:

1 – Hye In Ko

2 – Jongah Park

3 – Lana Belic

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