SNAP REACTION: Poland hammer Croatia, in box seat for gold

Photo Credit: Drago Cvetanovic

FINAL Poland (4-1) 16 – 0 Croatia (0-5)

Story of the Game: 

Poland start with a shortie: On the way to a likely gold medal Poland wanted to get off to good start, but took an early tripping penalty. Nonetheless, Katarzyna Frackowiak scored shorthanded to get the Poles off the mark.

One way traffic: Goals from Karolina Poszniewska and Sylwia Laskawaska made it two, then three-nil with Poland getting 16 shots on goal in the opening 10 minutes.

Wave after wave after wave:  Of Poland attacks making it 6-0 by the end of the period. Croatia simply unable to cope with the pace of Poland and the relegated side continue to struggle.

Same old, same old: Goals seven, eight and nine popped in with Croatia not able to offer any real resistance. Poland look like they are trying to go better than GB’s 19.

Ten, Eleven, Twelve: for Poland.

Two penalties killed for Croatia!: Something positive for the Croatians at last in that they killed off two successive penalties.

Croatia keep it tight for the first 10 minutes of the 3rd: No goals conceeded and even a few shots on goal. But it didn’t take long for Poland to get back into the game with a 13th goal shortly after.

More goals to end the game: In the end, You can’t fault Croatias work ethic but this was just a mismatch. Not fun to watch.

482 (or less) things we saw:

  • Lots of goals. We hate this type of mis-match but that’s international hockey for you.
  • Poland have been very good at picking up the rebound. Three-quarters of their goals came off it.

Best team won? For sure.

482Days three stars:

1st Star – Karolina Pozniewska

2nd Star – Ewelina Czarnecka

3rd Star – Sylwia Laskawska

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