Summer League Preview

Photo Credit: @carpohockey

It’s nearly that time again that the players go to dust off their skates after the two month break and get back to it. Simon Anderson, more than anyone must be looking forward to stepping back onto the ice now he’s been confirmed as the the Stars Head Coach.

So what can we expect from Summer League? If there’s something we’ve learnt from the last two of these it would be….

You never really know who’s going to impress

Mason Wild and Adam Harris in particular are two players that utterly shone at Summer League and booked themselves a ticket onto the Stars roster with some fantastic performances. While neither player completely came out of nowhere (Mason had a solid season with the Oxford University Vikings who simply destroyed all comers in the BUIHA Division 2 that season while Adam Harris was an accomplished roller hockey player) it was certainly a surprise for both of them to see them included and become well liked players for the team.

It’s a great opportunity for established players to get back into it

While no player is at 100% at the summer (and that’s not a criticism, you want players to be in form in the season, not out of it) there’s been some great examples of players using it to get themselves back into form over the past couple of seasons. In fact Summer events in general have been useful on this, going back three summers to before the 2012/13 NIHL2 Winning season many supporters were commenting on Joe Edwards inprovment from his year at MK Thunder in the Norman Elliott memorial game.

It puts together some interesting clashes that you wouldn’t normally see

Last season, Stars had GB Women International Saffron Allen pitching for a place in the team. It was an excellent chance to see one of the best players GB ever has produced (and I’ve only proclaimed my love to her on twitter once proving her worth in at the National League level. She’s certaintly someone that I think that someone should take a punt on anyway. Also the Stars have had Uni players and some rec, and a few legends, (like 2nd place all time points scorer Scott Gough who has showed up in the past).

It’s hockey… what more could you want!

Enough said.

Summer league kicks off Wednesday 10th June in the Stars usual training spot of 10pm to 11:30pm.



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