Today at the WWC: Five things we learned (07/04/16)

Photo Credit: Drago Cvetanovic

Another busy day at the Women’s World Championships in Bled and to end it we’ll take a look at the five things we learned today. And before we start… how wasn’t that called a penalty for throwing the stick?

A goalkeeper on form changes everything

Winning by two goals was always going to be tough but when GB went a goal down early, it was going to be very difficult to score three and they came so close to doing so. Nicole Jackson won the game through a wonderful performance taking 30 out of 31 shots and her superb form can’t be underestimated.

On the other side they faced Martyna Sass who is having a superb tournament herself. Getting past that level of goalie who is on form is a very difficult challenge but one that GB are going to have to work at hard to progress to the next level.

Mini-groups suck

They do if you win the tournament on them, they do if you don’t because you feel as if you haven’t really earned it. While the three point system for International Ice Hockey Tournament play was supposed to make tournaments less likely to be resolved by mini-groups in short all it’s done is made things more complicated.

What’s the solution? There’s plenty of ways, but it seems to us that back in the day we used to run eight team tournaments that gave three group games, then two playoff. It’s got to be fairer and better than this mess which satisfies nobody. Sure it would take another two days to complete the tournament, but it would be a better tournament.

Korea can dominate their opponents, without looking very dangerous

We saw this against Poland on Tuesday but this point was proven today against Croatia. Korea put 58 shots on the Croatian net but they while dominated every statistical category, they just didn’t look like scoring for long periods of the game against a team that is struggling at the foot of the table.

We expect Korea to improve for next seasons World Championship, but they are going to have to really improve in this category or they’ll just be shut down against higher quality opponents.

DPR Korea are a middle of the road Division 2A nation now

Having been at the level above for such a long time they have a lot of experience of knowing what it takes to survive and win medals in Division 1B, however for now at least, that time is over. They look like a side which needs more players to bolster an aging squad (the youngest player in the squad being 20 is practically unheard of in women’s hockey) and to freshen it up.

They look a long way from the side that pipped GB to Bronze in 2008 in Division II. But the also don’t look a million miles from being a good team again. All the basics are there, but they need a lot of work.

Someone needs to be buy Grzegorz Klich (Poland’s Head Coach) a calculator

And a copy of the IIHF Sport Regulations. Pulling your keeper at 2-1 when your opposition needs two goals to win? That could of been one of the most embarrassing ways to lose a Gold Medal ever.

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